There’s a lot of happy, shiny press coming out of Automattic right now. The narrative they’re pushing is that it’s a distributed utopia where everyone is supported and empowered to do their best work.

If that were true, this blog wouldn’t exist.

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Hi! I learned about this website today from the #automattic channel.

Thank you for making this. I see the thread, I see the replies. Obviously, I can’t voice my support there, but I can do so here. So thank you. Keep this going, whoever you are anon.

The creation of this blog makes me hopeful. I love Automattic, it’s a wonderful company to work in. But the topics you talk about have been raging in anonymattic for some time now without ever really being addressed. So I’m hopeful – I’m hopeful that posting about this publicly will change things for the better. If I’m naive, so be it.

p.s. Keep it clean – “Tone deaf” dilutes the message, in my humble opinion.

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