[Not] Leading by example

Why aren’t Leads or HappOps in the ticket queues 3-4 hours a day helping out if we are in such bad shape that we’re cutting CSS Support?

Either they cannot do Support, or they see themselves above it.

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Could you clarify what ‘cutting css support’ means?

I sell premium themes on and want to understand if the support requirements are changing.

Two weeks ago, if a customer said “How do I change the ext ‘Leave a reply’ from blue to orange then the Happiness Engineer in Live Chat / Tickets would reply with the exact CSS to do that.

Last week, someone somewhere at Automattic said this was too much, so all CSS Support was stopped.

In that time, had that same question been asked, even if a customer was on the most expensive package they would have been told to go to Upwork and pay for someone to give that that same code.

The CSS Support has apparently been reinstated.

Will that remain? Time will tell.

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