Who registered this domain?
Someone who did work as a full-time Automattic employee.

Why “Antimattic”?
It seemed a natural opposite to Automattic.

Antimattic.com is registered to MarkMonitor.com
They are the registrar of choice for Matt Mullenweg.

Buying antimattic.blog – the TLD that Automattic owns – was amusing.

Who posts on antimattic.blog?
Verified ex-employees of Automattic

Can anyone know who wrote a post?
Nothing is logged / tracked. Everyone with access can write what they wish with no fear of recrimination

Why is it so negative?
It is not negative.
It is truthful.
It says it like it is.

Disgruntled employees always whine, why is this so different?
Automattic – and Matt – present the company as some beacon of light that can take remote working forward.
Yes, the company has done much, but the PR, the hype, the cult of personality has ignored the many many failings.

What about happy employees?
There will be some! They might even blog about it. But giving an anonymous voice to those that are unhappy is valuable.

It’s like a club of people who want to post anonymously.

Why is the site hosted at NearlyFreeSpeech?
EIG are huge. You may well be unknowingly hosted by them. The reach of Automattic is significant. Using NearlyFreeSpeech makes sense.

Automattic: “our common goal is to democratize publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world.”

Or who their employer is or was.