The owner (me) and most frequent poster of this site (me) is well out of reach of Automattic & Matt Mullenweg. I do not work in the industry and cannot be affected by anything he does.

You may not be so lucky.

Maybe you work for Automattic.
Maybe you do not.

If you want to publish anything about your opinion of or treatment by Automattic then doing so on your personal site / FB / X / whatever could be detrimental to you. That is great for Automattic because they are effectively silencing you. Maybe they demanded you sign an NDA or some variant of that.

In other words, the so-called champion of personal publishing gags you.

If you do work for Automattic then think carefully about your choice of words. Consider using Hemingway Editor ( or similar. Do not give yourself away easily.

You can get your words published here.

My contact details:
Signal: +44 seven five seven two seven eight eight two one four


  1. Matt is an investor
  2. It is not E2E encrypted

Settings > Privacy > Disappearing Messages > Choose your time

I cannot envisage a situation where I get a message from you, I publish it and I get no chance to delete the chat before Automattic’s lawyers abseil through my windows to seize anything.

Say what you want.

It will be published.