An explanation.

When I was with a8c I was happy(ish). I disliked the bullshit that +++++++ spouted and the increasing micromanagement but it was tolerable.
I did wonder why a12’s would suddenly leave and especially those HE’s that I admired. My tenure gave me ‘immunity’ as someone at the Florida meetup said.

Then I left, and then I learned how badly a8c treated people.

antimattic.blog was the reaction to that.

I am lucky – MM cannot touch me. I am not in the industry etc etc.

When I set up antimattic.blog I very deliberately chose NearlyFreeSpeech.net as the host. I had used them before, they have very clear rules and were no strangers to Law.
There was no way they would roll over to any approach from MM or a8c.

The domain is registered to me.
The domain hosting is registered to me.
The domain costs are met by me.

In the hosting backend there are two options for logging:
– Access logs
– Error logs
Both are set to OFF.
I don’t want or need to know either.

“Ah, but what if a8c demand to see logs from NFS?” you say.
Use a VPN!

The login details for the blog give you admin access.

Post what you want.

You cannot install plugins / update anything.

Only I can do that over SSH using wp-cli

Please don’t deactivate the captcha plugin – I get a fuckton of spam if that happens (and yes, it has).

If you login using a VPN then no-one can know it is you.

If you want to have a pop at a8c, do it.

You can literally post anything you want with zero impact on you.